c64Supernerd Lightforce Remix

Arranged by: Jurek Raben   Remixer
Members: vcs, Virtualcreations
Original composer: Rob Hubbard
Tune length: 4:48
Release date: 06/12/2004
All-Time rank: 1353.
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REVIEW BY M.A.F (28/01/2005)

Lightforce. What a soundtrack that was. One of my favourite Hubbard soundtracks of all time.I loved it and still have dirty thoughts about it now and again.
A soundtrack it most definately was.
Jurek Raben's version of Lightforce is most definately a remix. For me its a remix in the true sense of what i believe a remix IS. Take the music,break it down to what you want to work with and do your stuff on it,or take parts of the music you think will work in the mix you have planned and add your own structure,composition,style...just what comes out of your own ideas in the process. Lets face it its easy to cover a tune,its much harder to create something new from the bones of your chosen tune that works,even for the remixer himself always doubting his own work(not you Jurek).
Lightforce is a soundtrack,there are many elements to the music of this track that cant be singled out in my opinion and mixed elsewhere to create a new different track thats still as powerfull and recognisable.
That aside,Jurek has gone his own way with this,technically its very good,artisticly its very good,nostalgicly its good because i love Lightforce,all in all though its still not as wonderfull as the original,but its GOOD as a TRUE REMIX. I like those.
Its good.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 3
Overall: 4

REVIEW BY infamous (21/12/2004)

Jurek raben.. seems this man has a golden touch at the second because everything ive heard from him has made my ears prick up quicker than a fox sensing a rabbit.. or visa versa.

And once again here i am sitting here listening on repeat to another one of his tunes.. this is just absolutely brilliant.. taking a tune and "remixing it".

not covering it and adding the odd trance effect or sticking a vocal over it that mimics the main line.. nor does it cover itself with high processed drumloops and crap like that.. it goes out in the yard with a chainsaw during a barbeque and begins to hack up the rest of its family... bear with me here.. until there are peices of them laying all over the place.. then it hacks itself apart and then with its only working arm.. calls molly mcmastery.. the worlds greatest seamstress.. who comes and sow's him back together.. just with the wrong bits attached.. its the same tune... just with different limbs.. get what i mean?.

probably not.. but then you dont have the same medication as me...
let me put it simple.. its lightforce right.. but its not lightforce 1:1 and for that.. i like it and if it was a woman id sleep with it AND marry.

Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY sumppi (06/12/2004)

This could've been really, really good.

The first 30 seconds work really well and remind me a lot of the electroclash stuff (Miss Kittin & Hacker etc) but after the really promising start it breaks apart to an incoherent mess. The reason for this in my opinion is that too many melodies and synths samples (and filtering) drown the basic idea - sometimes less is more. Also, some of the sound choices don't work that well, especially the lead synth starting around 1:15.

All in all, the concept and idea works but the result would be so much better if done more in line with the genre style (disclaimer: I'm probably not the best person to evaluate this kind of stuff but somehow just the lost potential got me to comment). Waiting for the next remix...
Technical Impression: 4
Artistic Impression: 4
Nostalgic Impression: 3
Overall: 4

REVIEW BY LMan (07/12/2004)

That's what I call a kick ass remix! :-D

If you're looking for a straight cover version of Lightforce, you're looking at the wrong place here, and I think there's enough of those already... This one is a progressive house / bitpop styled remix (actually it's hard to pinpoint a genre).

It incorporates elements of the original in a very creative way, hacking and mincing them to flow with the grooving beat - still they are clearly recognisable. Although this tune may not be a crowd pleaser on a general scale, it would surely rock the house on any techno/house dancefloor.

A final word to Jurek Raben: stay faithful to your style! :-)

(Now would you please excuse me, I'll go find a pair of really loud speakers to play this thing on.)
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 6

5 Skitz shouts: I actually really like this remix. Finally something different for Lightforce. Think some instruments are over compressed though :(
6 LMan shouts: Now this one... RAAAAWKS! Finally a really decent pogressive house remix. Maybe it isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly is mine! :) More of that, please!
5 Dan shouts: Noice! Proves you can really do something different with a mix and come out trumps
4 Tas shouts: It's very a very odd mix. Only the die hards would know this to be Lightforce though. Infact I doubt many die hards would know it was if you didn't tell them.
4 Waz shouts: It's nicely mixed and sounds nice as a trance tune, but the emotion of Lightforce is somewhat missing. Still, it is a nice idea.
6 Makke shouts: Not what I normally listen to, but this really made me tap my feet! Yes, both of them. I must've looked ridiculous.:)
4 DHS shouts: This had big potentials, it's a pity it takes some ways I don't like (EG: the use of the sid samples). Was a very nice idea.
4 romeo_knight shouts: I absolutely agree with sumppi, tas, waz and dhs.
2 beldin shouts: Disappointed, because I expected a Lightforce remix.
4 vosla shouts: Wierd version and it lacks Lightforce-emotions for me but it's somehow annoyingly catchy.
1 eliot shouts: Where is lightforce except for some notes.
5 discoboy shouts: Sounds great!
4 sidbrowser shouts: Nice stereo-effects
4 Dumper shouts: A fine tune in it's own right, but too far away from the original for me.
5 lefrog shouts: Play this tune in a danceclub and the masses will follow you. Not the original score of lightforce, but the best parts mixed up with progressiv dancebeats. Very good :)
5 c64glen shouts: Nice to hear a different Lightforce.
6 infamous shouts: Whoah nelly! Absolutely f'ing awesome! ... Who else has done lightforce like this? .. This I LIKE.
5 hispeed shouts: Wicked! .. 'nuff said (well except for one thing: It's really getting crowded starting with 1:30.. Would have been nicer with less crowdedness IMO :-))
4 M.A.F shouts: Its good! Its NOT Lightforce! Allister Brimble come home all is forgiven!!! This tune misses the point! Yeah its good. Yeah its well produced! Where is Lightforce? ITS NOT HERE IS IT? Good effort and EFFORT IS THE WORD. We need to feel the Lightforce here
5 apollo2k shouts: I like this tune. Nice funky beat!
3 omoroca shouts: Dynamic compression heavily over-used. I know, this is a style element that was en-vogue at that time, but I hate it.
6 dafunk shouts: Wow, I really dig this, electro-house! I like that pumping compression too, fits the style.:)
6 vert1 shouts: This is the best remix on this site. -edit 2nd best
6 NecroPolo shouts: Not a remix, not a cover. You created something different from a great classic - that's a love-or-hate thing, some can't stomach is. I can understand their point. My comment? F'N DO IT YOUR WAY!!! \m/,
6 Mondainai shouts: By far the best evomix of Lightforce, love it. Thomp-athomp-athomp-ompa-ompa-omp
5 ryrynz shouts: Daft Punk is that you? Not much in the way of nostalgia but interesting none the less.

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