c64R-Type (Doppelganger Summer Remix)

Arranged by: Lagerfeldt (act)   Remixer
Member: Holger Lagerfeldt (lagerfeldt) (member)
Original composer: Chris Huelsbeck
Tune length: 3:58
Release date: 12/08/2004
All-Time rank: 331.
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R-Type (Doppelganger Summer Remix)
R-Type (Doppelganger Summer Remix)


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REVIEW BY putzi (14/08/2004)

The lead is really "ouch" while the rest is so clean and tidy. Maybe have some beta-listeners hear the track before releasing it next time. It helps big time, I know myself. I like the guitar, it makes the groove. The trancey synth could do a little more in the track.
And if you want to use German words... it is spelled "Doppelgänger" ;-)

(I really don´t like to write reviews on other ppls remixes when my own remix is in the weekly charts at the same time because it looks like wanting to say "my remix is better than yours, but this time I can´t help it ...)
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 4
Nostalgic Impression: 3
Overall: 5

REVIEW BY tomsk (02/09/2004)

I've got to say I didn't like the original of this. The main reason for downloading was because of Lagerfeldt previously high quality mixes. And this must be a good mix because I started enjoying it alot more than the original. It's possibly the guitar melody that helps gives this tune a bit more purpose and interests me. Great track - and as always Lagerfeldt, so professional in the sound dept.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 2
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY NecroPolo (27/07/2013)

Time is passing, nice remixes come and go but this one remained 'THE' R-Type remix to me during the years. There are many flavours around but this one still has the best vibe to me. Besides the big picture, it also does so many little things perfectly that makes this track something like a nice rich summer cocktail with an awesome, timeless aftertaste.

Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY tusy (11/12/2004)

This IS a professional electronic music. Mellow solo instruments with a nice sinthy-pop feeling, melting together in excellent harmony with the breakbeat drums!
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 5
Overall: 6

5 Dan shouts: As normal, well produced and an excellent track but the main sidish lead kinda wrecked it for me
5 Skitz shouts: It's all there! I just think the speech sounds a bit cheap - I'll do a proper deep voice for him! :)
4 Tas shouts: Yeah, it's good. But is it me the instruments just don't seem to work together. Getting a bit sick of the same sounding lead now from Lagerfeldt!
4 Waz shouts: The lead almost spoils the whole piece, a real shame as the acoustic guitar and drums work well together.
4 infamous shouts: Same as usual.. No complaints there... But the lead sucks lagerfeldt m8.. Worse than what I used in creatures and I got googlies galore for it! .. But still a good track none the less
5 c64glen shouts: Wow! Lagerfeldt you rock!
6 radulescu shouts: As usual, Lagerfeldt shows his production ranks among the most professional in the scene today, combined with great creativity
5 fenghus shouts: Nice!
6 bastard shouts: As allways Lagerfeldt rocks!
6 hazel shouts: Great stuff!!
5 vosla shouts: Well done! The lead doesn't really fit for me (and *oh, boy! * I hate "wows" in the background)
4 eliot shouts: Nice. Lead instruments don't fit - hurting my ears ;-) I don't like "wows" either ;-) mp3-tag misses some lines
6 cat shouts: Unwaiting, but like usual perfect
6 discoboy shouts: You've done it again Lagerfeldt!
5 pg shouts: Fresh!
6 jld shouts: Amazing
4 cirdan shouts: Lacks the feel of the original but very well produced!
6 LMan shouts: It's not the cover of R-Type I've been waiting for, still this yet-another-professional production from Lagerfeldt deserves my full respect.
6 tusy shouts: GREAT
6 chezda shouts: I think the lead is excellent with the guitar :)
6 deadguyfromhun shouts: Cool
6 zjebur shouts: Nice Track. GOOD JOB!!!
5 saulc12 shouts: Missed out on an outstanding cause of the speech at the beginning, that was a bit cheeeeesy
5 Mitch van Hayden shouts: Nice tune.
6 Quarex shouts: My personal opinion is that anyone faulting his lead instrument here has obviously forgotten how the leads on the original game music sounded. Everything in this mix comes together perfectly, and continues to demonstrate Lagerfeldt's fantastic innovation
6 voyager shouts: I have never heard the sid for R-type but upon hearing this remix I now love it and I love Lagerfeldts remix. Top stuff
6 cremich shouts: Same as usual.. No complaints there... But the lead sucks lagerfeldt m8.. Worse than what I used in creatures and I got googlies galore for it! .. But still a good track none the less
5 humorguy shouts: Listen to the SID, then listen to this again. Then give it a score. That's what I did. Hence the orange and no problem with the lead synth at all!
6 aricz shouts: Errr, I think the lead works perfectly:) I love this one
6 Makke shouts: Excellent stuff!
6 Reyn shouts: Great, GREAT remix!! So hooky!
4 omoroca shouts: Doesn't work for me with the guitar. Aside from that, very good R-Type feeling and technically perfect.
1 KarmaSlave shouts: Honestly... Please, no vocals. No "wohoos" in the background. This remix just doesn't work. The only good thing with it is the melody. Poor R-type.
6 brix shouts: Great style. And the sid gives it an interesting twist. How about a Rap?
6 schlicky shouts: I just bloody love it!
6 HighFlyer15 shouts: Love this song! Such a nice little summer tune to get happy about.. :) Sounds like there are some trouble in it from the other comments tho.. I can't find anything I don't like about it..
6 Fredrik shouts: Shut it! This really is one of a kind! My number uno!
3 Windshield_CB shouts: Sounds like C+C Music Factory got their hands on a C64 classic. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!
6 drax shouts: Well, Lagerfeldt does it again... This is perfection!!!
5 putzi shouts: A genius at work. Love it. Perfect mixage also, ofcourse!
6 Amok shouts: One of my very first C64 remixes I've ever heard. BRILLIANT!
5 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Very good track!

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