c64Giana Sisters - Live PO28 [Youtube Vid]

Arranged by: LukHash (act)   Veteran
Member: LukHash (member)
Original composer: Chris Hülsbeck
Tune length: 4:18
Release date: 27/03/2016
All-Time rank: 35.
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Giana Sisters - Live PO28 [Youtube Vid]

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REVIEW BY noisefloor Bjoern (18/04/2016)

Another awesome track from LukHash. After listening on YouTube to your supermacy track, i would call me a fan ;-) Technically great done, much nostalgic in it and enough LukHash Sound to recognize it! Love it, great! Just one little complainment: I don't like the overcompressing of the track. I know, sidechaining and big compression is "in" but...it killed the the wide sound.
Technical Impression: 5
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 6
Overall: 6

5 Dr Future shouts: Nicely done, LikHash. Impressive video showing the live-action.
5 ryrynz shouts: Didn't take me long to decide to download this.. NICE!
6 lbantonsen shouts: Nice, frist the classic spanish guitar and then the good old c64 sound :-D
6 LaLa shouts: Coupled with the YT video performance, this is another epic signature LukHash remix. Very impressive! Love the melancholic undertones.
6 ChrisBond shouts: EPIC!
6 NecroPolo shouts: Awesome stuff. That calculator can calculate infinity twice in 8-bits. Also, impressive classical guitar skills. Rock guitarists tend to not have 'it' on a nylon string axe as well.
6 noisefloor Bjoern shouts: Another top track from lukHash! Love your remixes!
6 Jimbob shouts: Cool! Turrican next?
6 ms shouts: I love that! Nostalgic!
5 MatrixRevolution shouts: Goooooooooood!!
6 KATODmusic shouts: Nice remix. Great atmosphere. Maybe overcompressed sound a little... But music is great :)
6 omoroca shouts: Best Giana Sisters ever! Added to my collection.
6 anaconda shouts: Hail our new Overlord!

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