c64Cobra (subtune 1 remix)

Arranged by: Martin Dodd (act)   Veteran
Member: drm (member)
Original composer: Ben Daglish
Tune length: 4:33
Release date: 20/01/2016
All-Time rank: 432.
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This idea for this remix came about after listening to too much SKY and Pink Floyd.



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5 Dr Future shouts: Very good rmx by Martin. Great guitars, the acoustic and the electric later on. Powerfull!
5 LaLa shouts: The first half is gentle and melancholic, the second part sounds very much like Sylvester Levay's original with the guitar lead.
5 ChrisBond shouts: Realy nice and good
5 Joe Mc Lutz shouts: Good work... Love it.
5 mfe shouts: Some beautiful sections, but a couple of weaker instruments let it down.
5 ninjasoul shouts: Evocative but missing red one
6 mstodge shouts: Superb rendition, really enjoyed it.
6 NecroPolo shouts: The lead + classical-G and drums are a little stiff but the track could create some good mood anyway. I kind of like the solo around the end.
6 Womble shouts: This gives me goosebumps. Great work.

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