c64Wizball [live at The Church]

Arranged by: Reyn Ouwehand (act)   Veteran
Member: Reyn Ouwehand (Reyn) (member)
Original composer: Martin Galway
Tune length: 6:25
Release date: 17/12/2008
All-Time rank: 130.
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This time it wasn't Slaygon during a Sunday Service that dragged my into doing this video but Leoni. And I think it was Roxx that actually requested Wizball tune 4...

I also play this track in my C64 live-set but then I got some beats and the arpeggios coming out of Ableton Live. During the live show I couldn't get Ableton to work and it kept on crashing on me and then Leoni challenged me to do it acoustically without the computer. And so I did....

It kinda worked out.. and, like with Green Beret, I thought it would be fun to record a video of it which I uploaded in High Quality at YouTube: (use the complete link since that keeps the track in stereo..)


I hope you'll enjoy it!






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6 dafunk shouts: Well, it's Reyn, what else do you need? ! Perfect!
6 infamous shouts: Glad he released this.. The video version is awesome this slightly modified one is just as great.. Thanks reyn
6 Mordi shouts: It's outstanding.
6 Scyphe shouts: Holy Reyn... Damn, I wish there had been an even stronger vote for this one. It has just become the best remix of 2008 as far as I'm concerned. Amazing!
6 Amok shouts: Fantastic...
6 prowler shouts: You're the man! The impact is not as strong as when I saw the green beret session the first time, but still a big red face!
6 Mayhem shouts: Perhaps the best of the Church sessions...?!
5 C64ever shouts: It's nice, but I obviously didn't like it as much as the others.
6 germantaz shouts: Reyn in the church. One need nothing more to know.
6 LaLa shouts: Awesome guitar lead, tune is full of emotion and nostalgia, very obviously a work of love. The mix is a tad muffled, but other than that - Reyn is a High Priest of SID in the Church of C64! (Or Church of SIDology?)
4 jtgibson shouts: I can see I'm in a minority here, but I found it pretty boring even as BGM, though technically proficient. It was essentially the same 2-bar rhythm for six minutes. =/ (After discovering it was done in real time, I bumped this up a little.)
5 Satanarchist shouts: Excellent and amazing for live, but I dont give it an outstanding for it being only 2 bars in length (as jtgibson said) and the production isnt finished.
5 xenomorph shouts: Silent admiration..... Thats all I can say... Silent Admiration... I wish I had a church too,.
6 vurtx shouts: Reyn is from another planet surely, he really should be playing this in front of 50, 000 people in a stadium.
6 condor shouts: This - I would love to hear live.
6 Nada shouts: Reyn, you're the most amazing multi-instrumentalist I've ever known! I've just watched the Wizball video and I'm blown away to some unknown space territory...
6 _steve_ shouts: Incredibly inspiring performance!
6 Danceaway shouts: U R THE BEST.... Frickin fantastic stuff yet again pal.....
6 wishbone shouts: This is so beautiful. I don't think anyone has ever gotten so much out of the Wizball title track before.
6 iolo shouts: Impressive
6 Dumper shouts: Stunning, and some lovely extra touches to the original tune.
6 Twinbee shouts: I loved this version, The high quality video was amazing too.
6 nicodaemus shouts: *this space intentionally left blank*... Why? Because quality speaks for itself.
6 chilli_uk shouts: Smart arse lol AWESOME
6 NecroPolo shouts: That is an inspiring track. "Inspiring" is the best adjective you can hear from me :)
5 Nebdar shouts: Very good but didn't get the same feeling as amjority here. For me it just need some little moremagic inside
6 hillsman shouts: Nothing touches this - absolutely fantastic live rendition from my fav SID!!
6 Melaure shouts: Brilliant!
6 omoroca shouts: The one-man band strikes again! Got goosebumps on the guitar solo near the ending. Probably one of your best live-at-the-church recordings! Added to my collection.
6 Shark shouts: WOW!!
6 mfe shouts: Gets a red face only because of it being done in realtime. Otherwise, it'd be just a bit too tedious and repetitive.
1 Leevi shouts: Have to disagree with everyone else who seem to love this tune. Sounds jarring to my ears, fast and constant noise that makes my ears hurt after a while.
4 xerex shouts: I like that man
5 Fhood shouts: Something missing to perfection but nice work
6 LMan shouts: Sheer genious period.

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