c64Supernova (the slow tune)

Arranged by: Thomas Detert (act)   Remixer
Member: Thomas Detert (tom) (member)
Original composer: Superbrain
Tune length: 4:21
Release date: 20/06/2003
All-Time rank: 121.
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A tune that we used in our first big DEMO called SUPERNOVA from 1987.

A very nice sid-tune by an almost unknown composer who called himself SUPERBRAIN .....

It's from the days when loads of people worked in CHRIS HUELSBECK's
famous SOUNDMONITOR ( me as well ) and SUPERBRAIN did this tune in it,too!

After this DEMO we changed our Groupname to X-ample Architectures ,
short X.A.P. and everything else is history...

I hope you like it, even if you have never heard the original sid-file....

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REVIEW BY beathoven (21/06/2003)

"Thomas Detert", is that an alias for Vangelis? Are you sure you're not related, because this tune has most of his newest characteristics in terms of sound and songwriting:

Full, brilliant timbres, wandering, sweeaping brass "leads", steady and somewhat staccato rhythms, and huge sounding choirs. Massive timpany and (orchestral?) bass-drum made a huge statement - again, just as Vangelis.

This is a must download for everyone who likes to fall asleep listening to Vangelis, such as myself :-)

I really enjoy the piano part, and I like the soft yet brilliant brass section that pans around, but not so much when the same part seem to switch stereo position for each note; it gives the impression that it could be two different instruments. The snare playing in a somewhat shuffle beat was a nice touch.

The only really bad thing I could say is that by uploading the tune here, it may *really* discourage some others (like myself, LOL) to uploading their work, since we have no way of getting the same kind of quality :-D

Rating: Beyond anything I have ever heard here before in this category, although I must admit I have never heard it as SID, and don't have that particular part on my system. Looking for it now though.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 1
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY rafael (12/11/2003)

Oh my g o d.

But let me explain first that I kind of missed this when it was first released. Recently, I put together a MiniDisc for my car audio and decided to add this tune. And boy am I glad I did.

Thomas' powerful arrangements and his touch for spherical soundscapes have been put to good use in this masterpiece. It's a little Enigma, some Vangelis and a sprinkle of X-Files come together in a powerful synth ballad-theme that makes the hair on my neck' jump a meter. Beyond doubt, this is Thomas best piece yet, topped marginally, but only marginally, by his version of Shades on the Remix64 Vol2. CD.

Excellent choir sections, gigantic synths, hypnotically driving percussion and top sound quality. The tune itself is amazingly simple yet there's a big "hookability" rating here.

I bow in respect Mr.Detert.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 5
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY Tas (21/06/2003)

This tune first came to my awareness when thomas asked me if it was possible to remix this for the remix64 V2 CD. Thomas was keen on the tune from the ofset, However i decided that the tune wasn't suitable for the CD because well it's a virtually unheard of tune.

Its great that Thomas decided to remix this for RKO. A typically Thomas type of tune here, always full, emotional, and delightful to the ears. A massive Recomendation for this fine remix from Thomas which bares the touch of Vangelis despite many peoples unfamiliarity with the original source.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 1
Overall: 6

REVIEW BY hbasm (26/06/2003)

Man, this is just a masterpiece! It has perfect pacing. The sound is rich and intriguing. No cheap tricks here. I wish I could produce something like this but it's probably never going to happen.
Technical Impression: 6
Artistic Impression: 6
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 6

6 soppa shouts: Marvelous remix, the production is of course excellent but this is just so well thought out it's bound to stay on my playlist for a long long time.
6 humorguy shouts: I give this an Outstanding, because it Satnds Out from the rest by quite a margin. Excellent.
6 lolicon shouts: Love Vangelis, love this tune! Very well composed. This delivers!
6 LaLa shouts: As a huge fan of Vangelis how could I vote anything but "outstanding" on this masterpiece? It sounds like something straight out of "1492 - Conquest of Paradise".
6 snorski shouts: Epic
4 omoroca shouts: Epic! Vangelisque! Something seems to be missing, though, dunno what it is. Maybe the sound picture is too "digital"!?
6 Supergrobi123 shouts: Ooooooutstanding, man!!!
6 Dumper shouts: Truly wonderful.
6 Amok shouts: OMG... Powerful, Epic, Awesome... Speechless...
6 Mordi shouts: Awesome! I had no idea this tune was on this site. Wtf!
6 chabee shouts: Fantastic!
6 TNT shouts: Since 8 years it's a pleasure listening to this and it's still one of my favorites.
6 NecroPolo shouts: This one is stunning. Damn! Quality is timeless.

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