8BW Confidential 2.0 Limited Edition

by 8-Bit Weapon
8 Bit Weapon: Confidential 2.0 Label
Total playing time
49 min
Overall album score
 78% - Very Good

8-Bit Weapon's trademark SID 'n Drums is here, for those who wish remixes had more of that powerful SID sound, and less faffing about 😊 Seth Sternberger is an experienced live performer who's done Las Vegas and London, and is currently being marketed by Nokia: normally his sound is more eclectically 8-bit, but here he's targeted his favourite SIDs and put his imprint on them, to great effect. The album is available as a digital album in FLAC and MP3 (note the whole album download), but 64 limited edition signed and numbered copies in a 5.25 disk sleeve are available too. Highlights of the album include the trippy Acidgroove", and the epic Times of Lore main theme which apparently took two weeks just mastering!

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Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
0-00 8BW Confidential 2.0 FLAC Album 8-Bit Weapon
0-00 8BW Confidential 2.0 MP3 Album 8-Bit Weapon
1-01 Times of Lore Intro (Remix) 8-Bit Weapon 0:55 0% 
1-02 Neuromancer Ending (Warhol Edit) 8-Bit Weapon 1:48 64% 
1-03 M.U.L.E. (Bitblaster Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:23 0% 
1-04 Inspector Gadget (GOGO Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 0:59 0% 
1-05 Crazy Comets (Orbital Decay Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 4:48 85% 
1-06 Chimera (Miles Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 3:56 0% 
1-07 Spy vs Spy II (Drunk n' Basement Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:57 0% 
1-08 Bards Tale II Sanctuary Score (Ybarras Mystic Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 1:46 0% 
1-09 Defender of the Crown (Royalty Remix) 8-Bit Weapon 1:02 0% 
1-10 Movie Monsters Game (Disco Terror Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:10 0% 
1-11 I.G.U.S.T.R.A. (Studio Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 3:45 0% 
1-12 Commodore C64 (Bit Blitz Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:59 0% 
1-13 Boulder Dash (Dubby Dirt Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 0:47 0% 
1-14 Acidgroove (Orchestral Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 4:37 85% 
1-15 Arkanoid (Bonham Beat Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 3:24 0% 
1-16 Mars Saga (MrJetlands Slow Jam Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 2:04 0% 
1-17 Defender of the Crown (On the Romance Tip) 8-Bit Weapon 1:17 0% 
1-18 Times of Lore Title (Epic Hendrix Mix) 8-Bit Weapon 7:13 0%