Arok Party 2022 Remix Compo


Results of the Árok Party 2022 Remix Compo

Submitted by LaLa

Remix64 20th Anniversary Compo - Results


The results of the Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo

Submitted by LaLa

Back In Time Live - Germany Theme Compo


Back In Time Live - Germany theme compo - Results... - Finally, after listening over and over to the four entries we've come to a decision: As you may know already, there are three 2nd places, good work guys. Every theme will be played at BIT Live...

Submitted by unknown

Competition Results: 80s & Orchestral


Symphonic Competition Results - It was a very close call as to whom would finish in 1st place and it came down to just a single deciding vote to finalise the outcome. Both remixes are excellent and it was really tough to decide who came out on top....

Submitted by unknown

Competition: CD Giveaway


Remix64 presents: - The great CD Giveaway Competition - The results are now in, our five Judges consisted of Michael Schwendt (sid2midi), LMan (remix64), Jan Zottman (Immortal 2) , Seth Sternberger (8-bit Weapon, Unfortunate Brain...

Submitted by unknown

Competition: QuadSid


QuadraSID Remix Competition - In conjunction with - present: THE OXYGENE 8 REMIX COMPETITION - COMPETITION WINNERS: - We had only 2 entries to this competition. Both indeed were very good. Trace's entry was the typial SID cover. Bart's...

Submitted by unknown