Back In Time Live: Brighton - preview

Well it's that time again isn't it? When many of us skulking behind our little desktop pc's emerge from the dead. The time where we put faces to names and sids to sidders and lets face it a good excuse for a piss-up of giant proportions (Abso-blumin-lutely as Marcel Donne would say). Well we've been here before havn't we, what are we upto now? ah yes number 4 or maybe 5 if you wish to include Bitlive Germany. Every Event better than the last and Bitlive Brighton looks set to leap hurdles over the previous's kinda like the grand national of remixing events or the premiership of all things siddy and boy is Bitlive Brighton the Man United. \[if your not a Man U fan, then please insert a team of your choice here, especially if you live in Manchester\].

So why is bitlive brighton better than ever, well mainly cos i said so, so there. But seriously it's not just a night event, it's a whole day of fun,frolicks and sex. Ok, so there isn't any sex but there is SID and thats almost as good but i recommend highly that you turn off the power supply or you might just get a wee little shock. If you manage to get there for the friday evening there's a few more gimmicks just for jolly as jack the ripper would say.... er, not that i'm saying Jack will be there, no no he's well past his sell by date now, Jack The Nipper might be there though. At 7pm on the Friday there's a Five a side football match which will inevitably be more like 20 a side, and a dodgy geezer claiming to be the ref. I actually thought i might do a fly over in my personal jet and watch the game from above in a kinda Sensable Soccer viewpoint just to add authenticity but quickly gave up on the idea when i found the paper aeroplane wouldn't take my weight. At 8pm we have all been invited to a pre-bitlive drink or to be more obtuse a piss-up. This will be at the Prodigal Pub located strangly enough in Brighton of all places. Wonder if they take parties of 50 or so people ;)

Ok, so the friday over with and undoubtably a few heads spinning in the morning we have the event itself and it's full of eastern promise. Er, except it's in the south so it's really southern promise, oh nevermind. Kicking off (no not more football) at 11pm and finishing at 6pm is the Back in Time Live Retro-fest which includes Retrovision. This will have game competitions and tournaments, A Martin Galway area where sidders can check out various galway original source disks and code, A Remix Workshop where Octave sounds will caress our ears lovingly with his various renditions of 64 classics and Hardcore Gaming from Retrovison and boy this has only just started.

From 6 to 7 there's an hours gap, good time to get some food here and maybe sneak in a few of the old falling down waters. I strongly advise following someone who knows there way around hence not me, well ya can but i have an habit of getting lost. It took me four months to find my house from the garden last year but all was well in the end as i remembered to follow the bread crums i had left, shame that the birds ate them tho.

Then From 8pm it all happens, the moment we've all waited for. Jordan walks through the door revealing her portable inflatable life rafts!!!.............. oh shit, sorry got myself lost in the moment there. Thats really not happening ofcourse, damn why not!!!! Now where was i? oh yes 8pm is when it all happens.. The Concert featuring an impressive array of remixers, c64 musicians, and not forgetting the main thing, plenty of BEER! Which i have been reliably informed by a spokesman of that everyone must buy me a pint to be allowed entry. ok, thats not really true, just wishful thinking on my part, the true thing of it is that the concert is gonna rock. I mean Rob Hubbard Unplugged? Press Play On Tape? hosting by Mr Ben Daglish and madfiddler?, a huge screen? Stuck In D'Eighties (Ben Daglish, Mark Knight, Reyn Ouwehand, Marcel Donné and Andreas Morpheus Wallstrom)?, and then Climaxing with Monty on the Run played by PPOT, Rob, Ben and Mark? nah he's havin a larf ain't he? No he's not, and it's gonna happen and it's gonna be more fun than you can shake a stick at. A mighty large stick at that too... Are you excited? i know i most certainly am.