Matt Gray Reformation Chiptune Driver Competition

Matt Gray

A note from Matt Gray

I am releasing the original source code to one of my Dominator 6 subtunes under Creative Commons. A competition is the plan.

Do you fancy programming SID music old-school style? Do you fancy a good old fashioned competition?

I recently launched a Kickstarter to fund a double album of CD remakes and a Last Ninja 2 remake CD.


When the total hit £40,000, I promised to create six new SIDs in my old Dominator driver: imaginary sequels to my old SIDs, such as Dominator 2 and Last Ninja 2 - The Lost Level.


While we were retrieving the driver from my work disks, I thought it would be cool to release the source to one of my drivers so that SID composers would have a go at composing in it.

So, here's Dominator, tune 6. It contains an assembler file in ASCII which will compile in the 64TASS cross-assembler (also included in the ZIP). 


All you have to do is compose your own tune in this driver and submit it to by 31st March 2015 to enter the competition.


Of course, if you don't feel like entering, you can still use my driver under the Creative Commons licence (remix, attribution, non-commercial). It's my gift to the community.  


Myself, Martin Galway, Rob Hubbard, Fred Gray, Ben Daglish and Martin Galway all typed their tunes directly into their assembler. Now you can do the same!

What do I win?

The top ten submitted pieces will be featured in a special digital download released to coincide with the completion of the Reformation project. The composer of the entry that I likes the most will get a VIP invitation to the Reformation launch party, and meet me.


But, remember you can use this source code without entering the competition.


  1. Entry must be written in my driver and submitted as ASCII source code which will compile and run in the 64TASS cross-assembler
  2. Modifications to my code are permitted to enable extra facilities, but the code must remain largely based on my work
  3. By submitting your tune, you grant me a free, non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable right to distribute it on any existing digital download platform
  4. You are free to make available, publicise or otherwise use your tune as normal in accordance with the CC licence, in addition to submitting it to the competition.
  5. Closing date is 31st March 2015, but extensions may be announced depending on circumstances.

More rules may be added later as circumstances deem necessary. Please keep an eye on this page periodically.

Have fun! - Matt Gray, Reformation Project, 26 November 2015