An Interview with Kent Wallden

by Neil Carr

Kent 'Trace' Wallden's mixes of Way Of The Exploding Fist has gone down extremely well throughout the scene. A talented Guy who creates some wonderful remixes. His latest piece of work 'Armagedon', can be found at R:K:O. Why not send him some feedback on this.

Real name: Kent Wallden
Handle: Trace
Born: 1972
Nationality: Swedish

Which C64 composers do you like?

Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Ben Daglish, David Whittaker, Martin Walker.

Kent Walldén (Trace)
What sids are amongst your favourites?

Ofcourse Way of the exploding fist, Delta, Monty on the run, Auf wiedesehen monty, Armalyte, Human Race, Commando, Rambo: first blood part II, Nemesis the warlock, Crazy Comets, Sanxion, the list is long.

What Equipment/Software do you use?
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I used to do music with FT2, AXS, and BUZZ. Now i use Reason.

What other arrangers do you like?

O2 for his great jarre influences, DHS, DJ Lizard.

While listening to your sids I have recognised that you don’t follow a certain style.. what would you say about this?

I do a style that comes in mind and a feel fits good to the tune i’m about to cover/remix.

Your Way Of The Exploding Fist covers seem to have gone down extremely well, what do you think is the key to this?

Don’t really know, maybe it is the TB303 that kind of lifts the cover. Or maybe because the the original tune is so great and it gets stuck in your head 😊

What type of feedback have you got?

I am still really suprised that my WOTEF cover has got such attetion and feedback, i got a email from a guy that said that wotef was a major hit in a party i think it was in Holland 😊 The rest of my covers has also got nice feedback. 😊

If there was a tune you wish you could claim as your own, what would it be and why?

Monty on the run, because it has everything: Melodies, bas, drums, feeling. I just feel happy when I listen to it. 😊

What do you look at when remixing a c64 sid?

The melodies

Which is better cover or remix?

Hard to say, a cover is more like a re-master of the original with new fresh instruments and stuff, a remix can be more crazy but still has the original touch in it.

Who do you think gives the scene the biggest boost, and why?

Hard question. Everyone who puts their soul in their covers/remixes and maybe Jan Lund Thomsen for his RKO page for us to upload our tracks 😊

What non c64 music do you like?

Trance, ambient, Jarre, Tangerine Dreams, Orbital and more.

) Do you think C64 can make a commercial impact, and do you think if it did this would be good or a bad thing for the scene?

I think it would be a good thing, because WE will get even more attetion i guess 😊

How do you get your inspiration?

From great melodies that get stuck in the head and i think for myself God, that track i just must do 😊 And a wierd thing, after i have had a headache i will get great inspiration, How wierd is that? 😊

Why do you make c64 remixes?

I just love the C64 music, the base, the melodies. They take you to another level. For example my wotef cover (that got me started with covers in the first place), was the first game i ever played on the c64 and when i listen to the original sid from that game i get chills and think back to the good old days when i sat and played day and night. 😊

Why do you think that the c64 music scene has such a big following

I think that people hasn’t appreciate the greatness of the C64 music until now when we kind of lift the c64 from the ground with our covers/remixes and shout out HEY! LISTEN TO THIS PEOPLE! NO PLIP BLOP HERE! 😊 And they think WOW, the songs is great, how didn’t i hear that until now? 😊

How long can the scene last?

Forever, until ALL the sids are covered, and that is ALOT!! and it will last a while 😊

What are your likes/dislikes about the scene?

I dislike when someone only puts drums on the original and have the guts to call it a remix/cover, No feeling what so ever. And when the same sid is covered again and again and again… And when the tones plays false in the melodies and not as in the original, like when there is a slide from one note to another and the slide doesn’t get to that tone as it should. That freeks me out and i just press STOP!

In your opinion what should a c64 remix sound like?

Trying to have the same feeling in the remix as in the original sid. So the listeners can feel the original but in a new fresh way, NOT destroying it!. Just be able to lean back and think of the great days…

Should sid be used in remixes?

Yes sometimes, when a certain sound in the sid isn’t remarkable and just must be in the remix to get that special feeling in the song. BUT it has to be put there with finesse

What tunes are you looking at to convert next?

I got a request for Savage tune3 and a Clubby mix of One man & his droid so those are my primary tunes.

What does the future hold for you and your music?

A great part, a love to make music, I also have a mp3 page at where i have put my own music. And i will still keep doing covers/remixes and I'll be here to help keep the scene alive 😊

Is there a sid that has not yet been remixed that you would like to hear?

Martin Walker’s – Warbles tune3 with fat sounds.
I Have thought of doing it myself, but I need more computer power ;/

Lastly, An open question. What would you like to say to the scene?

Whoho... C64 music rules. Great work all you guys on the scene. Keep up the good work.

refering to question 21, a club mix of OMAD would indeed work well... And with Trace it would be highly likely that it would sound great.

While editing these interviews i've noticed that one of the main dislikes that arrangers have is the old Sid with drumloops... Expect to see a future Editorial based on this with a discussion messageboard based on this topic.

- Neil

Interview date: 12.04.2001