An Interview with Kingfisher

by Neil Carr

Kingfisher is the composer for Triad. Probably the biggest C64 cracking/demo group ever on the C64. They created some noise back in the good old days and they are still alive and kicking today.

Real name: Linus Walleij
Handle: Kingfisher
Born: 1972
Nationality: Swedish

What c64 composers do you like?

Britney Spears. Ehm... Well you all say the same things here. Galbard etc.
Future Freak, David Mark Hanlon, Charles Deenen, Detert, Alsop and Demon
come to mind.

Linus Walleij aka Kingfisher
What sids are your favourites?

Oldskool stuff and samples. Parallax is not overvalued, it really is the
best SID ever made.

What sid of yours, are you most pleased with?

My favourite SID created by
myself is Menopausen

What remix are you most pleased with?

Warhawk by o2.

Triad, are a famous group. For the few who havn't heard of Triad what
can you tell us about your past and current activites?

Triad was the biggest cracking (software protection removal) group in
Europe 1987-1988, and after that a quite successful demo group. We have
made some noise I guess.

How did you get into composing sid tunes?

That was in 1988 using SoundTracker 64 and Future Composer with TDM from

What are your fondest memories of the c64?

Parties and people. Codenights too late with too much coffee.

What other arrangers do you like?

Arrangers... THC Flatline aka Alfatech aka Che is a big favourite, o2 aka
Carsten, OJ Oscillation, Peter Mörck, Linus Åkesson, Otto/TSR and the Boys,
whats their name again, The Dead Guys.

What was your likes/dislikes about the sid chip?

I like everything about the SID chip! All other instruments are flawed.

What are your likes/dislikes about the c64 scene?

This is like asking what I like/dislike about my life. The C64 Scene is and
will forever be a part of my life, I dont relate to it in an abstract way.

What non c64 music do you like, and does this reflect in your music?

Metal, hard electro, techno-nam-nam and chartsurfers. I am also particulary
fond of Swedish music from 1940-1950 and folk music.

If there was a tune you wished you could claim as your own, what would
it be and why?

Nah. I have some tunes of my own that I like.

What equipment/software do you use?

SoundTracker on Linux, and software synthesizers, wave editors etc.

Who do you think gives the scene the biggest boost?

If c64 music became commercial would you welcome it?

It already has and I like it.

In your opinion how best should a sid be remixed?

Original SID sounds and sense of wonder. Adding new dimensions. Making
totally new stuff like in OJ Oscillations Space Harrier or my
own Babylon is cool too.

Triad closed their mp3 section when R:K:O opened. What are your
thoughts on this?

This was a deal.

First the story: I started Triad MP3z to collect all the MP3z of C64remixes
that existed around the Net. BlueNine module collection already existed
for .mod covers, but there were a few mp3z around too. The very first ones
were definately published by Peter Mörck (which I found through a friend:
Tranziie). I found some more: Bullboy and then The Dead Guyz appeared. So I
collected it into one database driven page as an experiment, and in order
to manage my own collection and share it.

Then suddenly everbody started making remixes... and that Lazy Jones remix
appeared on radio etc. We were getting into gear.

When the concept of R.K.O came up I was not pleased about the way Triad
MP3z worked at that time, much due to the fact that it run on Windows NT (a
system I hate) on ASP and Access. The solution Jan was working on was
Linux, PHP and MySQL (aka the PHP-Triad) which was what I wanted to do
but did not have time and machines for. So when Jan did it, I chose to
support him 100% instead of forking the remix scene. This was a very good

How best would you like to see the c64 develop?

The C64? Someone producing new C64s and C65s with SIDs, CIAs and the lot,
would be a really nice thing.

Why do you think after 15 years Triad are still going strong?

The name stuck, and then it is Gunnar (Jerry / Triad) and the new coders
that keep us alive.

Lastly, What would you like to say to the scene?

Thanks to everyone, Jan Lund Thomsen, Che Lalic, Peter Mörck, everyone in
Triad, the rest of the remixers and everyone else who deserves it.

Though Triad closed down their Mp3 section. The unselfish manner of which they supported Jan in his attempts to bring R:K:O alive have proven beyond doubt that it was a good move. The scene are now used to R:K:O being there. R:K:O has undoubtably saved many hours of needless surfing.

- Neil

Interview date: 09.08.2001