Tor Inge Johannessen (anaconda)

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Tor Inge Johannessen
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January 2002
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About me
Not a composer, just a C64-lover.

My description of the grades is as follows:
  • Outstanding: (100%) Flawless tune. Something that stands out, and it fits my taste.
  • Very good: (90-99%) Flawless tune and/or stands out of the crowd. It helps to fit my taste.
  • Good (60-89%) Not really stands out of the crowd or got some flaws. But the tune is well done.
  • Average (30-59%) Heard it before, has flaws. Not my cup of tea.
  • Poor (1-29%) Got some parts that works, but it can't really be saved.
  • Bad (0%) Absolutely crap. Nothing works.

So far, only a few tunes has got Outstanding from me. All time favourite Machinae's version of Gianna Sisters is one of them. That tune describes the 100% mark.