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Having owned a Commodore 64 from childhood, with both disk drive and tape drive and a several hundreds of games (of which probably 3-4 were original), I check the Kwed remix site now and then to see if I can find something to quell my thirst of nostalgia. Not having any room in my current appartment for a real Commodore 64, I must use the PC to emulate one, and it's far from the same thing.

As quoted from Trauma's Forbidden Forest; "I turn on the power and press play on tape, then wait for an hour, there is no escape!"
If the game doesn't take over 10 minutes to load or so, it just doesn't feel right. Strange, though, how I seem to be able to wait 10-20 minutes for an old old game to load but I throw my PC out the window if a modern game takes more than 10-20 seconds to load. It's just something about a flashing screen full of random characters while waiting, and the tension in the air from that dreadful random "load error" that makes it all so special.

Some favorite games with music that changed my life... Myth, Nemesis the Warlock, Ocean Loader (that of Arkanoid Revenge of DOH), Gianna Sisters, Panther, R-Type, HypaBall, and so many more. Brilliant machine, brilliant games, and brilliant tunes. And here we have some equally brilliant remixers and arrangers. Brilliant!😉