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January 2008
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About me
Well, i don't wanna write too much unless someone is veeeery interested
I am honest person, come, non-violent... OK screw that
I do maths and computers. Music is very important part of my life. I grew up on old rock and havy metal, but i practicaly listen to any music i like. Well, commercial music on nowdays european MTV doesn't seem to fit into that category. This also goes for commercial music in my country. No creative ideas - no sympathy from my side... They say I have some music talent but unfortunally I never played anything. Well, maybe I'll grew up into a fine crtic :P
As for programming, I hope I will succedd in earning enough for living by making computer games. If I ever manage to earn few milions I swear I'll spent them on bying various copyrights for old C64 games (and perhaps some others too) and spend my life remaking them. So, hopefully someone else will enjoy them too.

That's enough for now, hope to see your work, hope to eventually show you my work and hope to just chat about old passions