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 It all began somewhere late 80´s...

 I got my Commodore 64 back then, I was about 7 years old. I admired the tunes from the beginning. I was about 13 years old when I started to produce own music. In this point I had Amiga 500. I started with some 4 channel tracker, it didn´t have a name, or atleast I can´t remember if it had. Amiga games also included lots of great tunes.

 Well then I had done some stuff with PC to the age of 23. Good melodies maybe, but sounds were crap. I decided to step on a new level in music by forming a metal band. I was the singer. I took some singing lessons rehearsed singing and learned lots of stuff to make myself sound better in any sense. Now I am almost 29 years old and I may have some tricks up my sleeves. I have performed couple of gigs as a singer. Now I have returned to computer based composing. Although band experience has been valuable experience, I conasider myself more individual musician and composer. That is how you get to do all things your own way.


 As a computer I have quite plain but new laptop computer. Hewlett Packard. My composing tool is Modplug Tracker (open source code) and with this I use Reaper to recordings. I have UF6 midikeyboard with UF400 soundcard in it.

For singing:

- Joe Meek 47 condenser microphone
- Focusrite VoiceMaster Platinum pre-amp
- Presonus EQ3B Equalizer
- Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 pre-amp

And then I have a Gibson bass...I don´t know how to play it, I´m not a bassist.


 Influenced a lot by C64 music! But then I´m a major fan of gothic metal. Paradise Lost, Type O Negative (RIP Steele), Moonspell, Theatre of Tragedy (Assembly is great electronic album), Darkseed from Germany. Darkseed has a great mixture of metal and electronics.

 Then again, industrial and trance, I have always loved electronic tunes with athmosphere and good simple melodies.

 I can listen to everything and I can find some good pieces from any genre, but what I love the most I have already mentioned.