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Hi all! I'm Francesco from Italy. Born in 1973, I started tinkering on C64 music in the Golden Era... 1984 maybe.. I always loved SID sound: I think that IC is still a wonder of synthesis, and an alchemic monster of sound. At that time, I never had luck to own a copy of one of those good trackers running on C64. So I met Amiga. The first tracker I experienced with was a kind of an embrional Protracker-ish tracker, with very limited functions and a not-so-good stability, which crashed perfectly in time when your Millenium-Incredible-Perfect-Never-Heard-Before-Symphony was done, and you didn't save it yet... Great satisfaction.. Today I'm using Madtracker and Renoise: I'm still in love with line-by-line philosophy.

My favourite C64 musicians are Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel.

I work as an electronic repairer in my shop over vintage electronics, I am a licensed little radioham, and a bass guitar player.

I'll be glad to release some of my tracking releases from time to time, and your comment is always welcome!


  ▼ ReleasedTitleActPlatformOriginal composerRating
21/07/2015Infernal RunnerNaphtac64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Unknown 69%
14/04/2014ACE2Naphtac64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
Rob Hubbard 67%