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Fredrik Blom
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March 2002
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Rico  c64 SID remixes

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Happy retired C64 coder, now in pursuit of an old dream - composing music. Back in the days I always ended up writing my own SID music routines/editors since I never understood the existing ones.

As a musician I am especially fond of music for movies, with favourites like Craig Armstrong, John Williams, James Horner and the Hans Zimmer Team. This makes me always having an ambition level way beyond my capabilities, ending up in me getting frustrated and giving up on things before they are done.

C64 remixes that I really would like to get around doing:

  • Knight Games (esp. tune 3 and 7) - Among the best from Dave Whittaker
  • Through the trapdoor - unknown composer, always loved that tune
  • Shadow skimmer - Great music in and by it self, and it would lend it self to a certain idea I have in mind
  • R-Type - it has been done over and over, but since I love the music I would really like to have a go at it (or another go really, I did one unfinished attempt years ago)