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Tracey-Anne Reeve
New Zealand
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February 2004
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The music I like tends to be very varied, but usually it always has a powerful strength to the music that brings forths images and scenes from stories. If a piece of music does that, then I like it - from Classical through to .... Trash

The C64 was my second computer as a child, and even back then I was playing the music on piano, and recording it to tape so I could listen to it on the car stereo while I was taken to work, or on my walkman (when I finally got one). I would load games just to listen to the music, amazed at what they could do with only so few voices.

C64 music was my inspiration to start learning piano myself, and even drums. While I was doing a lot of stage shows as a singer, I would bug my music teacher just to teach me how to play a certain piece of C64 music. But piano.keyboard isn't my strongest - so I don't tend to do it as much as I used to now.

My main interests are in programming, game creation, writing, and then music creation.

While I haven't got the skills in my opinion to reproduce anything close to being published on this channel, I have had a lot of years work (both private, and public) in the areas of mixing, and sound engineering which has given me what I feel a fair good ear for what I think just "clicks" and what doesn't.