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December 2004
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  • Birth Winter 1970
  • Computerized: Since April 1986 with own C64 & datasette - through Michael "reFX" Kleps, a former schoolmate, which infected me with the c64-virus several months ago (hi unknown)
  • Computermusic related: Experience with a bunch of (mostly) trackers: Soundmonitor, Future Composer (C64), Aegis Sonix, Soundtracker, Noisetracker, Protracker (Amiga), Screamtracker, Fasttracker II (PC).
  • Composing: Even some good ideas but having the problem with lack of creativity to end a started song. Did a few released SIDS (one is inside the HVSC collection, an awful song, but still mentioned as UNKNOWN Song there, sorry HVSC-crew! - demos/unknown_10.sid) around the mid/late 80s. Did also some small Mods on Amiga/PC (for D.O.C./Amiga), but not really worth mentioning...
  • Joined RKO: 18.December 2004 (mainly as reviewer/voter)
  • "Wishlist" for (better) C64-Remixes: Space Doubt/B.Hartshorne, Rock'n Roll (Subtune 3)/R.Vaca, Nymphoman/Drax, Thing on a Spring/R.Hubbard, Savage (Subtune 3)/J.Tel
  • Remixing: Would like to start again with musicediting, but guess i can't reach the equipmentstandards (without any special hardware) used to gonna get nowadays "amateurquality". Besides this i think i'm only born for Trackersoftware...