Árok Party 2021

Árok Party 2021 Remix Compo Results

Árok Party took place on Aug 21, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic it was held online - but as the organizers have promised: never again. Meaning, the next one will be live - or it just won't happen...


Anyhow, the traditional remix compo of the Árok Party was organized in cooperation with SLAY Radio this year, and the results are as follows:

Place Remixer(s) Remix Points
1 Slaygon Black Lamp 171
1 ziona & vincenzo Ubi-sound (funkdance mix) 171
3 Ctrl-Z Dominator Loader (Pre-dominant mix) 168
4 Glyn R Brown Giana Sisters 165
5 Makke Ghosts 'n Thrillers 157
6 Teo Cortisone (Steroid remix) 154
7 NecroPolo Anosognosia (compo edition) 150
8 Chabee Exorcist 149
9 Dr. Future Full Contact 147
10 Magnar Harestad Title Needed (GRG) 145
11 LaLa Stranger in a Strange Land (Ensoniq Mix) 141
12 XxDustyxX Beat To The Pulp (2021) - Metal Tribute 134
13 NeonTimeTravel Birthday 133
14 paranoidroid Zynaps 107
15 paranoidroid Hades Nebula subtune2 96


Yes, there was a tie at the top, with the entire staff of SLAY Radio and vincenzo taking the top awards!


Congrats to the winners and congrats to all the remixes who submitted entries! And a special congrats to paranoidroid and NeonTimeTravel who made their first ever remixes for this compo!


We hope to see all the remixes on RKO and Remix64.com soon!

Árok Party 2021 Remix Competition on SLAY Radio (via YouTube)

Árok Party 2021 Remix Compo + the entire party (via Twitch)

The entries of the remix compo (via Scene.org)