Prophet 64 Cartridge released

Prophet64 Cartridge The highly promising Prophet 64 cartridge is shipping since 2nd June. The software suite is completely contained in the cartridge, which plugs into the c64 expansion port. This results in zero loading times. The suite contains a PC / Mac styled sequencer, a mono synth, and of course the 303 like bassline synth and the 909 style drum machine. Earlier Prophet64 versions had been available as software only.

MIDI control is possible through third party MIDI interfaces. An additional SID chip can be installed on the c64 with the SID2SID circuit board. The second SID chip is supported by the Prophet64 programs. Prophet 64 claims to be user friendly, and ties in neatly with modern studio gear.

The cartridge ships for 39,00 EUR, including shipping worldwide. It can be ordered directly from the Prophet 64 homepage (link below.)