ROTY Awards 2009 awarded

Remixer Of The Year Cup 2009 Last saturday was the big night of the Remixer Of The Year 2009 award show. Presented by the SceneSat Radio staff, it was being broadcast by SceneSat Radio, SLAY Radio, Radio6581, BitJam and Nectarine Demoscene Radio simultaneously. The hosts were joined by a live crowd consisting of many surprise guests, among them former years ROTY winners and other scene VIPs, pushing Ziphoid's apartment space to its limits! The most entertaining 4 hour show did not only trace the musical highlights of 2009 and present the winners: with the joint broadcast it also opened up perspectives between the remixing community and the demo scene, both which are cloesly related, but have often been ignorant of the other in the past.

The Results

Mordi won 2009's big price, being the new Remixer Of The Year. Firestorm massively scored #1 in the categories Most Innovative Mix and Best c64 Mix with his version of Commando, which was a surprise release in december. XxDUSTYxX won Best Amiga Mix, while daXX managed to place a whopping 9 of his remixes in that category. Reyn Ouwehand managed to win Best Veteran for the third time in a row, followed up by Hazel. The award for Best Newcomer went to Heartek. In a surprise coup, the Lifetime Achievement Award 2009 was awarded to yours truly, LMan.

Congratulations to all winners and follow-ups, everyone, you've deserved it. As always: the ROTY lists contain only winners.😃