Aknotronic - Gods remix

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Arranged by:
Aknotronic Veteran
Original composed by:
Nation 12
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Gods is one of the first computer games I remember playing as a kid. There was 1 computer (no idea what kind) at the club I went to after school (first or second grade). Gods was being played constantly as the graphics and sound was phenomenal at the time. When I got a bit older I got my first Amiga and Gods was one of the first games I got my hands on. I clearly recall my fondness of the intro music and have listened to it several times since then. When I discovered AmigaRemix.com I decided to try to make a Remix and upload it here. It took some time, but it was fun and a great nostalgic experience to play around with some of the original samples. This is what I ended up with. I personally think it is one of my best remixes to date.

I like the "industrial" bits. Good, fresh ideas.
Interesting approach here...
Absolutly Amazing!
Its okay. Altough the original sounds better at the beginning.... Not bad anyway...
Awesoming intro, nice use of the voice samples,
Wow, nice interpretation of a great Tune. Well done!!!
It's an interesting approach. The whole song feels muted.
Sounds a bit flat but what's there is good.
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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That how really my childhood should sound! It's nice, melodic, well-arranged, balanced, complete and ... wow!