Allister Brimble - Bionic Commando Tune 6

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Call this a little interlude before the next big track that I'll work on later this year.

I had to get this one out of my system.. it's as short as the original and not wanting to spoil what Tim had done I have kept this as it is. The bassline Tim used was one of the best and this is the key reason I wanted to cover the track.


This time the orchestra plays a supporting role appart from the intro.

Soundwise excellent. A little more *smack* on the bd... Anyhow, great mix with orchestral parts, e-guitars, synths... Very good, close to red.
I agree with Dr Future. This could really be a killer with a bit more punch.
Sounds like a theme for a "Bionic Commando" TV series - I like that
Not just 'close to' red, but it IS blood-red!! That's how all the remixes should be made: keeping the features of the original SID and enhancing them at the same time. Cinematic, powerful, and sounds great... Well done!
Very cinematic, you can see this as the theme to a program quite easily!
What the hell, TV news :D?
Nice, I like the Star Wars tune that's woven in :P
Always love your Work! Thanks for this great remix!
Perfect orchestral remake.
Very good. I don't like the 1:09 full stop... But it's a matter of taste
Fcuking impressive orchestration! And filtering! And the other.
I miss some punch, too, but overall it is a really enjoyable track. Thumbs up!
Needs a film!
Ah - Bionic Commando OST, well when comes the movie?=)
Sounds like a title theme from a 80s TV series. Not my cup of tea!
Excellent, especially the zaps and the filtering.
Like a TV show music form the 80's. Excellent. Great sound!
Quite flat synth orchestra, it could have been better
Well done mr brimble!
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great version of a great tune. keep up the good work, hope to see more in the quality