Lizardking's Theme (Armandox Rework)

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Lizardking's Theme (Armandox Rework)
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Armandox Remixer
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I’ve always wanted to do a remix of this track, as it is so close to my heart composition-wise. I love how Gustaf Grefberg works with chord-progressions, and especially in this tune let’s the bass run chromatically lower and lower against those chord-progressions.

I’m proud to have been able to do this remix of one of my favorite modules, keeping as much true to the original as possible. I wanted this remix to come out as an improved version of the original.

I hope you will enjoy my take on Lizardking’s Theme


Download the WAV for free on my soundcloud: Lizardking - Lizardking's Theme (Armandox Rework) HQ WAV

Lizardking's Theme (Armandox Rework)
Very nice updated version of a song which is very difficult to remix. Good job!
Solid. Not heard this one before.
Very good remix! Thumbs up, Armandox!
Excellent work!
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See, this is most likely the best of all remixes on the entire site. The buildups, the accords, selection of samples, preservation of the Doskpop-style. I mean come on, the choords and the lead, i get shivers down my spine. IRL. For real. Thanks for this one mate. Why the hell do I even bother having Spotify :p