Harlequin - Coming To Chimerica

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Arranged by:
Binster Veteran
Composed by:
Barry Leitch
All-Time charts position:
Majestically fantastic rendition of a beloved tune I've wanted to hear remixed for years!
I'm exactly like Matt. Loved this game and sat listening to the original remix tune over and over again without ever tiring of it. Didn't think anyone would give this the attention it deserves. Really like.
Cool remix! I like the last part, so atmospheric :)
I really like this this Remix!
One word. Glorious..
Review by Matt Smith


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Oh. My. WORD.

I've absolutely adored this tune ever since I first played Harlequin more than 20 years ago (lordy, that makes me feel old), and I've longed to hear it remixed in high-definition digital NICAM CorBlimeySound for yonks. I'd honestly given up hope that anyone might turn their talents towards it, and then suddenly this appears, and it's magnificent. It perfectly captures the simultaneously bouncy, spooky, cheerful and mysterious nature of the original composition and expands upon it in truly majestic fashion; I've given it more than a dozen listens already, and it's just as fresh, exciting and joyous every time.

This is, I can safely say, my favourite piece ever uploaded to Amiga Remix, and by golly it's in some fantastic company. An utterly wonderful piece of work, and I for one would be overjoyed if the remixer were to give his take on some of the other Harlequin tracks, or indeed any less-frequently-covered Amiga pieces. Superb!