burnt toast - Lemmings Tune 13

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burnt toast Remixer
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Not bad
Beautiful. Happy memories in this melody...
Absolutely l337! :D
Sit back, relax and listen. This is AMIGA. Reminds me of great times. This tune is AMAZING! I cant stop listening to it!! Awesome! Base line sounds awesome on the sub
Good memories
Wicked. This tune just blew me away.
Amazing! Great choice of instruments and very powerful remix!
Sounds perfect
Quite good probably would be better if listend to it 4 years ago, now it is just simple but very good remix
I Love Lemmings Themes......
Cute tune!:)
Yeah I know this, been in my collection for about nine years.. Great track.
Review by onlineamiga


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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Was really impressed with this tune, to the extent im addicted to it. Just check that baseline. It sounds amazing on the sub. The tune is just sheer class, and a true reminder of the real theme of the Amiga. Just brings me back to my youth when i first got my Amiga and realised the awesomeness of it.

Thanks guys for making this. Shame I havnt seen any other tracks from burnt toast because this one was so excellently put together. Im just gonna put full raves on this because it just struck a cord with me when i heard it.