Byproduct - Pinball Fantasies Title (Byproduct remix)

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Byproduct Remixer
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Reconstructed version of Olof Gustafsson's masterpiece. In the arrangement I kept as faithful as possible to the original, using many of the original samples, and then added some synth layers and drums to give it a fuller sound and a new mixdown. Think of it as a sound quality upgrade to the original song rather than a real remix.
Precise reproduction of the original. Fine selection of sounds 'n' samples.
I dunno - the track itself is OK, but it really seems to be nothing more than a re-orchestration (which even uses some of the original Amiga sounds).
Imo its just the original mod with some drums and synths...
A great remake but poor remix.
Very am orginal dran :-)
As a remake it is very precise, but it would be far better if it didn't use the original samples and was embellished more.
What tha heck is this?? You added a couple of cymbal crashes to original and thats it?
Great song, great memories, great remix
Nice remake.
Nicely arranged, but too many 22khz samples. Makes me feel deaf :)
Well it really sounds like the original as I remember it, I like it though.:)
Nice one.:-)
A well done remake!

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