Jim Power - Sacred Forest

Track info
Arranged by:
Char7ie Remixer
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:
Once again a fantastic job by Char7ie, I love it!
Nothing to add to Jim's statement.
Great powerful arrangement. But like in your remixes before, the very hard panning makes the mix crystal clear but the overall hearing experience a bit not so excellent. At least on headphones. Outstanding remix nonetheless.
It's a shame that few people remix JP's songs. I kinda hoped for a bit more powerful lead though.
Wow! It's amazing.
And now a remix for Apidya please :D
Nice, but guitar mixing and timbre sometimes excessively.
The sssssccss sound is makeing me nervous but all after that is great
Very nice arrangement. Love the guitars. Great stuff!
SuperB :>
True masterpiece!
I love synths, but your guitars it's awesome!!!:)
This is pretty hawt. That beep at 2:43 made me think my house alarm went beep.. Damn that crisp!

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