Char7ie - Pinball Dreams - Digital World

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Arranged by:
Char7ie Remixer
Original composed by:
Olof Gustafsson
All-Time charts position:
The guitar-work is stunning, again.
Very faithful. Great guitars. The synthetic strings pull it down a bit.
Nicely done. Good work.
Wundervolle Variante ;) Very Nice!!
Killer guitar work and fully professional all round, a sweet mix
Awesome awesome awesome. This tune reminds me of my love for Pinball Dreams and the awesome sessions me and my mate used to have on it. Sorry for requests but Cannon Fodder Lost in Service please! :D
Wow, very impressive. I wonder why this one doesn't have a better rating!
Very good one, but it fails, as the rest of these, on the aggression the original has.
Mate u roxx!!!!!!!!!
Great work :D
THis Track is very very nice... But.. I am aTRUE FAN of PinballDreams Intro Music.. I have missed SO MUCH the SPEED METAL missing.. It killed me when the Remix Ended before.
Very Nice work! I like the mix of styles.
This one is on my computer :)
Review by RikTh


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

From the start of AmigaRemix, only two entry lists a remix for Pinball Dreams. One is a rightdown mp3'd version of the original mod done by Deadly Cookie, the other... Well, nice try, Pirx, but no thanks. So anyone who has an original take on one of my all-time favorites on the ol' Amiga has to be congratulated upfront. But then again: how does one cover a song that consists of 4 subparts, each one in it's own right? Char7ie gives us the answer!

From the start, the remix takes on it's own route, being very much more analogue in comparison to the original mod (and it's. The intro feels somewhat forcefull on comparison to the original. The synth lacks depth and echo. Also, the tempo of the overall song has dropped some 15 BPM, which is not a huge deal, but strange for someone who has listened to the original remix for some four years now...

The first subsong kicks in as a very nice lead guitar is nicely shadowed by a insprirative bass- and drumtrack. High programming value of both ones, there is much variation, and the mix is beautifully composed. The lead synth though seem out of place somewhere, as if it is overacting oppose to the guitar in bends and sweeps. The guitar takes revenge in a raving solo, ending the subsong.

The second subsong is again two worlds. I absolutely despise the slap-bass riff in the beginning as it is too long, too forced and clearly synthesized. But then... The main song is so composed again. Lead guitar with delays, nice chorussy riffs. drum and bass mixed in beautifully. The synths behave like they need to here, the lead synth don't overact anymore. Nice wah-wah's!

The third subsong (starting off with the saxlike sounds pumping into a speedmetallike end) is... missing. Char7ie chose not to incorporate that, but end on a high leadsolo. Which is perfectly understandable, as i didn't see the point of that part of the original mod as well.

Overall: Stunning guitarwork, high production value, great programming. Push back synths were needed, smooth out the intro, and we have a worthy original mix!