Turrican 2 (The Explorer)

Track info
Arranged by:
Char7ie Remixer
Composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:
Simply lovin' it! Great stuff, Cha7ie. I've admired your work on youtube for some time, finally it's here! Keep it up!
That is DaShit!!! :D Awesome guitar work here...
This is spot-on, flawless work which stands out from the crowd of Turrican remixes, well done!
Simply a w e s o m e!
TOP SOUND QUALITY! Mega bucks recording rig.... Average music.
Good instruments
More Turrican music PLEASE!!!
Just great... Excellent lead guitar for me!
Lovely remake that stands out from the plethora of other Turrican mixes! Hope that you will cover some more tunes from this game.
I am stunned. Damn well done. You mastered it
It sounds really nice, despite not being my fav mood sounds
Love it!
Very nice
Absolutely great!!!! Great guitar and relaxing to listen..... Turrican-melodies are both nasty and nice at the same time... Great tune! Thanks.....
Way to go. We need more non-electronic stuff!
Good but still missiing something that wouldn't make me sleepy
Stunning... Simply stunning...
No more old sounds please... Is this a guitar hero tournament?
Live act.. Classic and nostalgia
As if this track was made for electric guitar.
Good tune!
Somehow I feel this is what Hülsbeck was hearing in his head, when composing the track. Good work.
Kudos for the execution - but the remix itself got too far from the original and lost all the appetite in the progress.

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