First Samurai (Extended Edit)

Track info
First Samurai (Extended Edit)
Arranged by:
CZ Tunes Veteran
Composed by:
Michael Davis
All-Time charts position:

Hi there.


This is the extended version of my first samurai remix.


I hope you like it.


Nice greets from germany.


And thank you for your votes!


Nice greets




First Samurai (Extended Edit)
The original drums do not fit here and they destroy most of the nice soundscape. Overall not too bad.
As Amok said. Otherwise very enjoyable soundtrack by CZ Tunes.
As for me, I like it very much. Again grat work. Thx!:-)
Interesting, I like the original amiga samples.
All in all it`s okay. This Beat is too repetitive and cuts the charm of this Song to pieces.
The martial arts god did another great remix here ;)
Nice Work!
Yeah, the drums are a little bit to loud and strong but anyway very good soundtrack.
A good remix, but maybe too much samples and effects at the beginning. The original parts in the song are super.
Average tune! The samples mostly sound of place...
The sword sample (or what is it) gets annoying really fast and the druns are not the best either.

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