D.A.Wilson - Complications - PWL Remix

Track info
Arranged by:
D.A.Wilson Veteran
Original composed by:
Tomas Danko
All-Time charts position:

The classic upbeat tune written by Swedish demo scener Tomas Danko, a member of Agile, Censor Design and Fairlight released in '90 in typical late 80's Euro style.


Synths used to make this remake (based on the Amiga module, not the C64 sid):


Roland D50 (Call flute aka Living Calliope)

Yamaha TX81Z (Bass line)

Novation SuperNova (Staccato chords)

Roland Juno-106 (Slow strings layered with chords)

Novation A-Station (Filtered echo bleeps)

Waldorf MicroWave (Percussive echo beeps)

Korg WaveStationA/D (Hung HiStrings)

Roland MKS-50 (Poly synth)

E-mu Emulator III (Orchits, some percussion and pads)

Alesis D4 - (Most percussion)

Imho the original by Thomas Danko is the BEST Amiga track of all-times. It's from the beginning of the Amiga era and sounds timeless after all the years. This remix is sounding GM-wise and thin, but it's a very difficult task to do this track justice.
Crudos for giving Complications some attention! But I have to agree with dr future, the sound is too thin and hollow. The instruments are not the best suitable either if you ask me...
I like it, it sounds like 80's song :)
Good one.:-)
A nice melody but the bass is harsh, and it seems to go too long without variation

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