DaManiac - Airborne Ranger (Creativity Workz)

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Arranged by:
DaManiac Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Ken Lagace
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Dear Brotherhood of Remixes and Computer Music Lovers,

This is my first upload but not the first C64 I have made. When selecting this song I wanted to be really challenged, not much is happening in the original SID tune. So I went all in with creativity to see what would come out of it. Hard nut to crack the song but I think it came out as a good one. Hopefully someone else but me will enjoy it as well. Big thanks to all of you for what have been done in the history of the C64 and for what you guys do to day, hence: I dedicate it to all of you with a connection to a C64. Cheers!


If there is anything you want to know about me or my works please don't hesitate to ask.


//Peter / DaManiac72

Basic idea, but quite pleasing end result. Good one!
I really like this, it got my attention because I thought the original game had memorably AWFUL music.. Which you've turned into a pleasing sounding creation :)
Some of the instruments sound really nice (the drums/percussion works) but otherwise I think it fell a little flat. All in all a good tune I think.
I like it (more delay- or reeverb in the lead)
You have created quite a nice track built from a really dull SID! It would be nice to hear more from you. Rather cool for a first remix indeed. Welcome to the board :)
Oj super muza dawno nie było takiej :)
Nice! Like the synths!
Ending needs a little work
Nice job making something interesting out of the original!
Lovely produced! A pleasure to the ear.

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