Captured (Its A Machines World)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dr Future Veteran
Composed by:
Lars Hård
All-Time charts position:
Well done remix this sid really captures me everytime its so atmospheric... Monty also did a great remix of it.
I'm not really a regular here anymore (although I download everything), but this tune really hit the spot. Different, interesting, hypnotic and great choise of both intruments and melody. A strong red smiley from me :-) keep it up Doctor!
Very nice remix
Wow! Love this one! Mesmerizing beat...:)
Not enough variety in the arrangement for my taste, but still skillfully done and it grows on you. Close to an orange, but not quite.
At last someone who attempts this original masterpiece that I can´t get out of my brain. Excellent job done!
Not bad!
Really like this one, echoes of "Blah Blah Cafe" with the beat, but I was waiting for *just* a little more, and it didn't happen. Oh well.
The world is ready for more Captured remixes and this is the perfect start! That theremin-style instrument is excellently used.

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