Wasteland (2006 - A Number)

Track info
Arranged by:
Dr Future Veteran
Composed by:
Norbert Roecher (Bit Arts)
All-Time charts position:
The overall arrangement is decent, but the vocals (and eventually the lyrics as well) just don't cut the cheese IMHO...
I like your Idea! It's evertime glad to hear that Remixers write lyrics on an old Amiga o C64 Tune. You got my Vote. Close to a red one!
Trying to go Billy Idol on us, Volker? ;) Neat production, but the lyrics and vocals are dragging the vote down, no matter how fun and witty they are.;)
Like daXX said...
The vocals can't convince me in some places, but very good remix nevertheless.
Like daXX said!:-)
I quite like the overall arrangement and sound - just not too keen on the lyrics though.
Nice one!
Great sound and nice idea with the lyrics, but not really my kind. Your GemX Lyrics were better.:-)

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