Gigatron - Shadow of the Beast

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Gigatron Veteran
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A bit too synthie in my opinion. Very different feel from the original Beast music, but... I like the mystic atmosphere for the castle level theme.
Nice idea and well done but it feels like theres something missing at the end.
Best ever. I listen the song each day. Greetinf´gs from Germany - Berlin
Starts off as an interesting SOTB take, but then spins off into something hectec.
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This is a quite decent remix. I don't get into it too much, but it certainly has some potential. What I like best about it is the mood in the beginning and the immense use of filter fx throughout the whole track. I think that you didn't succeed entirely at mastering insofar as there seems to be something missing between the background pads and the leading synths. A truer bass-sample could have worked there more properly.
A nice thing is the distortion on the leading synths, that make the track kind of dirty and agressive. What definitely kills the production is the clipping at several times. You really should have fixed that. The ending is just a fadeout. I have no problems with fadeouts, but in this case, I think it's conducted too fast.

Good Smiley