groovebox - SuperFrog - World 4

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groovebox Remixer
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I like it! The original tune mixed with some new elements. Fast-paced and action packed. Missing a proper ending though. But still good enough to get an Orange.
Nice! I like mixes that move some steps away from the original. You also seem to have an ear for usable Melodies, or how do you get to the Superfrog Tune? More please!
Really nicely mixed. Very clean and the lead flute is catchy. Occasionally it's a tad too drowned out by the drums, particularly around the lower portions of the song. Second lead is fantastic. Nice work!
I like this and I don't like it lol
Loses some of it's charm over the original.
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Music is always subjective as we all like different stuff. But listening to this was like a rollercoaster of oooh!! i like and ooooh maybe not. I love the electro backing music, and the drops etc. Sounds great. But maybe using a harder synth sound instead of the original flute sound for the main tune might have given it more power. I also think the tempo is a little too fast for this tune. But hey these are just how I hear it. No reflection on ability and I absolutely love the fact that people like yourself are making awesome remixes of great Amiga tracks 😊 Please keep making more stuff! I wanna hear more!