Ic3m4n - Gem-X - All My Gems

Track info
Gem-X - All My Gems
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:
I know the oppinions will spread into two directions...If you don´t love it, you will hate it :p

I love that uber-high synth & the final result too. A very close-to-the-original version (even the drum beat ;) ) with additional features, like the (completely new) 2nd voice to the chorus near the end and a lot of slides. Another thing that is strange for some guys & sweet for the rest.

Thx 4 ya comments so far...

The leadsound ruins this. And it's miles behind Skitz' version, which has to bee the benchmark nowadays.
Quite uninspired sounds and arrangement in this one, sorry to say. The lead is totally misplaced.
This could have been done a little bit better. Strange lead synth for this tune. Some of the other sounds are a bit misplaced, at leas in my ears. Sadly, since the original is a nice tune.
The lead... Nothing more to say...
It's ok, but a bit too plain for my taste. And yes the instruments could have been much better...
The more I hear it, the more I love it! The melody at the end is my favourite!!
Sorry, some parts good, some parts bad, but nice idea.:-)

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