Ic3m4n - Gothic (A Celtic Evening)

Track info
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Hans Axelsson (TDM)
All-Time charts position:
Always loved this genre since i heard it the first time. And that SID made by Hans Axelsson had a cool melody too...so i started to remix it.
The choice of instruments took me a while...btw its my very first try at creating gothic (or celtic) music. I hope it does not sound too artificial for you ;)

Have fun listening !

...and keep up voting like this

Tiny statement:
Just because i have released a lot of tracks recently, doesn't mean i dont put a lot of energy and finetuning into them. To say the truth: i have no job/work at the moment, so i was able to spend (nearly) whole days during the last weeks into creating music...just want you to consider the fact that i have put the same effort into these tracks as on every other remix i have made.
Beep chaos
To be fair this is god remix, but needs that extra feeeling to go higher in charts.
It´s a good remix and I feel liking it more and more if I listen to it again.
Nice one. I also agree that to go higher in the charts, it needs some extra. Either the original song must be very special, or the arrangement must provide that extra edge. But again, you have made a nice arrangement, no doubt.
WTF? I see the other ratings and don't understand them. I very like this song. Somehow it's something special! Great Work
Yes its a too artificial but I still like it. More pls
I love medival music.... Please make The Settlers remix... Pretty please
I really do like that. It's sinple and not perfect at all but that makes it just sound a little more "natural", which isvery good for this kind of arrangement.
Great to heat that this song lives on. I really like this instrumentation and the mood. Some more developed dynamics could had made it a little more vidid.

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