Ic3m4n - Hovercraft (Nachtmission)

Track info
Hovercraft (Nachtmission)
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Johan Åstrand (Zyron)
All-Time charts position:
To long to boring.
I like it, nice to have it playing in the background. Not too various, but still quite enjoyable according to my flavour. Thumbs up for the sampling as well.
Very nice drums Mr. Ic3m4n... :) Impressive workrate, btw...;)
Ic3m4n certainly does churn them out, but I wish he'd concentrate on quality rather than quantity.
I didn't find it too long or boring. It is a nice track for listening to in the background.
Love the drums, but the rest sounds just strange... :-( To be honest you seems to get the notes wrong in most of your productions. To be a musican you need some basic knowledge/training about notes and harmonics.
Cool stuff!
Very cool! I like the drums and the atmosphere. Subtly charming track! Anyone noticed Hubbard's "Lightforce" in the background?;-)
Dark, powerfull! Great remix. I love those dark remixes...
Dark, kind of minimalistic, but oh so effective. I really like some of thes ounds used. Really good!
This one is good. Has some very nice passages, but there is something... Can't put my finger on it. The sound has some "plastic" kind of touch to it. Maybe it's fully intentional, but I'm not fully pleased with it. But... Still good.
Special athmosphere. Very good.
Minimalistic, smooth, sets up an ambiance, a nice'n'quiet track from ic3m4n

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