Instant Remedy - Pinball Dreams - Nightmare

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Great choice of instruments, cool intro, super arrangement. But I still prefer the original.:)
Creates a nice mood. Packs a punch. Very nice sound effects as well.
Thrillingly spooky tremendousness from start to finish! Amazingly atmospheric, and packed with nifty touches. Top stuff.
Nice song :) cool instruments.
Outstanding, as usual from instant remedy
After a few more listens this actually is outstanding! Very happy for every new release from the Remedy.2.1.2015
It's pushing to the limits! Great. I have to play Ghost'n Goblins now!
Nice, but for some reason I don't like that sawtooth lead
Finaly someone remixed this epic tune. I am so glad that you did such a good job!!
Perfect arrangement. We need more Digital Illusions remixes!
I really liked the professional music processing
Like it a lot. Personally, I think IR had his best moment when remixing C64´s Last Ninja. Been listening to that for years. This Nightmare tune is not worse, it´s just less famous. I think I am just oldschool. Go for BEATBOX please!
Love the bass and drums :)
Awesome spooky athmosphere and very good mixing! Love it!
Not sure it gets better than this.

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