Odyssey Part 5 New Trance Mix

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Greg of Alcatraz
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A nice renditioin of the tune. DaXX's version was more faithful to the original minimalistic nature of the tune, this upbeat vesion still works well though.
Interesting version, technical good, but in my opinion to dynamic.
Hey, this is actually good stuff. What happened to you?:)
Amazing atmosphere, really nice flow. Sounds great!
Well done!:)
Review by zzr


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Since i'm a big fan of the Odyssey soundtrack, i decided to do my first review on this song. So lets get started.

First off, i find it pretty hard to remix this songs, theyre dense stuff, unlike a lot of much more simple old amiga tunes. props to this remixer for doing this track, and doing it well!

in detail:

Technical impression:
the only flaw i see is the mixing. sometimes its a bit more muddy than it could be, not clearly seperating all the instruments from each other. Leading me to a yellow smiley and the urge to look out for future remixes of this artist wich will surely become more experienced with this.

Artistic impression:
The song is surely well made with a lot of different instruments and fx, wich just suit it very well. From that i see the artist is someone who does music already for a longer time and knows how to place his stuff to make and/or keep the song interesting. Variation keeps coming, while still being on the run, in a solid trancy way. Red smiley for all the nice stuff in this song and the pretty flawless arrangement of all that.

Since its a Trance remix, it loses out a bit of the originals relaxing arrangement. Makes up for this with having a solid beatline wich pushes you forward through the track. Orange for that, and for being still very remarkable in comparison to the original Song.

Overall, i actually prefer this version of the odyssey5 from the one made by daXX. thats pretty much why i decided to put my very first review on this track.

Get it, and enjoy it