The Sceptre of Nu-Baghdad

Track info
Arranged by:
K8-bit Veteran
Composed by:
Paul Hannay (Feekzoid)
All-Time charts position:
I like it. I don't like the mixing, which is very indistinct, distant perhaps. It has a strange, charming feel to it, like listening to some fantastic music on a knackered old cassette.
A more modern track but a very enjoyable cover!
Good remix, just sounds a bit muffled.
I think it's better than the original, as it transports a great deal of mood. Hoped for more aggressiveness and power at 1:50, but as soon as I noticed this is probably not goin to be a powerhouse techno track, I enjoyed the calm without the storm.
Nice moody remix. I like it!
Brilliant work - almost an epic production
Is it just me or the guitar is only in left speaker, it is full of suprises those good and bad ones
The arrangement is grand, and well made. The mixing nearly sinks the ship completely though.
Delightful. It has almost a magical charm. Mesmerizing tune! Looking forward to more productions of Kate Z.!!! :D
Mixing, very distant, but great arrangement!
Wow, how can I have missed out on this one!! Heard it for the first time on Slayrated dec 09
I love the guitar part
Gets better with every listen.
I really like this one!

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