Larsec - Blood Valley

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Larsec Remixer
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Remix64 - Into Eternity
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This remix started out when I was looking for a SID to use my newly found guitar samples on. I wanted to do something movie intro credits like, and that's how the initial part of this mix supposed to be: Intro credits. When there's just silence and the voice it's a black screen and after the "Somebody help me!!!" cry I imagined flickering read and dark lights, a lot of images that can't really be seen clearly and cliomax when the pad comes on I pictured flying across a desert, a barren land with crackled earth, the cam swirwing back and forth, up and down. This goes on as the narrator comes in, where the flying images blend a bit with other images showing what the narrator is talking about... and then as he utters the last words, the screen goea blank again, and the "Larsec Pictures proudly presents" and all that start showing up on the screen with flashes of the desert and other imgaes popping up every now and then...
When Neil Carr heard an early work-in-progress version of the track he got really excited and told me that I had to be in on his project, the Remix64 vol 2 CD. He thought it would make a great opener for the CD. I agreed and here we are...

The remix also went through a couple of ideas before being finailized. The last part with the guitar and where the "monster" comes back in was initially a more metal kind of thing but we changed it since the final version was more fitting for the entire project...

The intro was inspired from many a horror movie I have seen in my day, the Evil Dead Trilogy in particular in this case. I have been watching horror movies on a regular basis since I was a kid and I love horror and I would love to do more tracks like this, only even more horrorfying

Note: The synth bass in the last part sounds like it has a crackle. This is actually just the attack sound of it but if there was one thing I could change about this mix that would probably be it...

Another note: I wanted the track to be 8 seconds longer. Namely having 8 seconds of silence in the very beginning of the track. But the CD ended up being very close to those magical 74 minutes allowed so we had to cut it short.
The reason I wanted this was because when you popped in the CD for the first time and pressed play you would hear... nothing. Then you would turn it up a bit and wonder if something was wrong with the CD... Then very faint you would hear a voice.... "" and it would build to be more intense before finalizing with the cry, with the volume all turned up... Lovely...
Digital Album
The guitar, narration and timing works very well to create an atmospheric piece that definitely acts as an intro. The only issue is the background hiss you can hear from the microphone for a split second after the narration - once heard, never forgotten!
Great opening track on Into Eternity - didn't know the original but love how this one is structured

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