Marcel Donné - Shockway Rider

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Rob Hubbard
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Heavily inspired by Reyn Ouwehand's recent live remixes I went for a different approach for Shockway Rider. A tune that I have loved from the first day I heard it and I found that it quite amazingly hadn't been remixed before.

So I give you Rob Hubbard's Shockway Rider in almost real instruments ;)
Normaly I dont like Marcels Remixes :D but this one have a fresh drive very nice... Plz no more Knuckelbusters ;)
One of the few remaining Hubbard tunes to be remixed is finally done, and a fine job it is too.. The bass could be clearer though.
I think I'll give a smiling face to this one. I really like the way skilled remixers here do their sonic adventures now'days. Good job and nice "almost"guitar playing :)
I have a problem with the spacy synth chords, they don't seem to fit in this rather Rock tune. But I love the Knucklebusters lead guitar, it's really cool what you can do without real guitars! Added to my collection
Cool tune, perhaps a bit of delay upfront on the lead!
Sounds odd, I love it from the 3:00 part, I don't know... Yellow for now.
Not Marcel's best but still has his genius in there!:)
There is somthing there...
Reminds me slightly of older Kiss songs. Nice!
Of course the best SR remix of this great Hubbard title

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