Peter W - Paradize (CHiP Island Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Peter W Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Steven Diemer (A-Man)
All-Time charts position:
Chip music is something really big and has inspired us all in more then one way. I mixed the good old sid chip sound with some analogue sounds. I try to vary my style of remixing, to bring you something different and enjoyable. If you like chip music, this is for you. Bye.... ^^
Perfect blend of chippy sounds, and more hifi sounds. Very clear and clean mix.
You've done so much outstanding remixes, but this is "elevator music". Not more. Sry :(
I want to drive elevators all the day ;) really ejoyable but maybe 1 min to long
Ahh.. I really like A-Man's C64 music and listen to this Track is pure fun, too.. Like it, thumbs up!
This tune just saved my day!(-:
Very enjoyable, good execution, brings fun in my life. Thanks for that.
I like chiptunes so I love this one! Great job Peter W!
Coolest bass I have heard for a long time :) Rest is chippy-cool :)
This makes me nostalgic for sunday afternoon spent playing my Commodore's! If this is elevator music, it's an elevator in the building of WIN and AWESOME, Inc! :P
I really absolutely love this piece! Thanks Peter for doing such a beautiful tune!
First impression was it is simple and good but with time it turned and very good. Nice work
This one is in my favorite list on my website!!! B-rilliant!
I like it. Chippy and happy!
It is simple, but is very pleasent to hear.
I... Just... Love... It! Great job! :-bd
I love Paradize (CHiP Island Remix) to death! :-D Although I've never played the game its based on (or heard about it), the tune is so catchy, up-beat and SID:ish that I can't help but playing it on repeat over and over. Please keep 'em coming, Pete!:-)
Feel-good stuff! Could as well be by BeeZerk. Fantastic! Added to my collection.
Such a wonderfull sound in this song. This makes me happy!
Love IT!

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