HQC Beat - Techno Remix

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pinozulpo Veteran
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Don't hear anything special with this one. I could listen to the original due to it sounding more interesting.
Standard techno, with a hint of muddy mixing. The percussion and bass could really use another round of mixing. There's not much variation in the arrangement either. This needs something more to keep it interesting.
As said, why make a cover that sounds exactly the same as the original?
Kinda of uninteresting and blurry mixingwise, but it's an ok conversion. More could surely have been done, though.
Bad mixing, no variation and too much reverb!
Its techno....
Compared to what your remixes used to sound like Pinozulpo, you're heading in the right direction! Lead is boring, bass needs more unz in a tune like this, mixing could have been better as said above. Apart from that, nice enjoyable stuff!
No way!
Like that one.

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