The DJ Rocks the planet(GODS)

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Arranged by:
PowerTrace Veteran
Composed by:
Nation 12
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Was playing around with Ableton Live and this litte piece just came along

It is based on my first GODS remix at 128BPM, this one is at 95BPM

It is a slow version of GODS, do listen a few times cause you might need that to get use to it :P

My setup for this remix can you find at

The lyrics is by Kate Lesing and I felt it fitted nicely so, it's wierd but who cares ;)


Very refreshing - love it!!! The downtempo adds a new dimension to this tune. But really "and the DJ rocks the planet"... C'mon.
Totally awesome. \o/
Really enjoyable! Congrats
Interesting take on the tune, I like it!
Very good but I prefer the fast version.
Very Very nice... But it could have been (a little ) better.
I love you, PowerTrace!
Damn this sounds great!! Never thought gods melody would sound so amazingly good in a slower version!
For me the vocals don't quite fit, but overall a nice and punchy remix. At least you tried to do something different.
My feelings after listening it: to slow, to borring, to long very average made not impressive.
The slower version takes a litle getting into, but it is beautifully made and the voice fits quite well into the slower framework.
I loved it until 1:20, WTF´s this then? And I just love the rest of the instrumental parts, saved it the yellow face. Sorry, the vocals are nice but unfitting and I HATE them in there! Damned you screwed my would-have-been-my-favourite-gods-remix! :o(
As good as the previous one. Nice voices! Still red for me :D :D :D Hope you'll do more and more ;)
Love the slow tempo and the vocals really grew on me after a couple of plays. All in all an intresting fresh spin on the classic Gods tune.
Impressive. Especially the Vocals that totally FITS imo. Love this Version!
Wonderful version of Gods, using some deliciously weird vocal samples.
This is simply awesome. No more words. Thx very much for that outstanding masterpiece!!!:-)
Without Vocals it would be a RED, but the vocals suck uber, sorry
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Excellent. Love this. I wish some of the reviewers woould stop moaning. This is fresh. Much better than all that bland techno dance crap floating about in remix land. Well done.